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NO FLUFF Session 92: The Corporate World is no Place to Build Your Dream - Shawn Wheeland

July 12, 2018

Shawn was a middle manager in corporate America who always had a side gig going on. Tournament Bass Fisherman, Welding and Sheet Metal Fabrication, and Shawn had mediocre success with a network marketing company, National Safety Associates. He joined NII and got 100% plugged into the personal development and skillset systems Dale teaches. He went on to become one of the top money earners in NII a founding distributor in Dale’s Nu Creations company, and over the years has built several financially successful companies. “I am not sure where my life would have taken me if I hadn’t met Dale Calvert and taken the path he laid out for me to get out of the corporate rat race” This session was recorded at a live event and we hope you enjoy the Shawn Wheeland Story.


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Dale Calvert is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Calvert Marketing Group. He started his first business at 14, a mail-order business, from his parent’s home. Today, Dale, his wife Dawn and a small staff of 10 people operate 4 businesses in 4 different niches


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