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NO FLUFF Session 24: Long Term Network Marketing Success Ultimately is Not About You!

June 9, 2016
It is not about your personal ability to sponsor 200-300 people a month, it is not about hitting Diamond in record time, it is not about winning cars.  Long term network marketing  success has nothing to do with your personal ability to market.  It is about Team Building.  Just because your company gives you a leadership title, it doesn’t necessarily make you a leader.  Real leaders build people, not followers.
“Never mistake sincerity with truth, some people are sincerely wrong”   Jim Rohn
We have to build people.  Network Marketing is a personal development program with a compensation plan attached.   Even if you have the best marketing funnel in the world, if you haven’t developed people, your success will be limited.  Without belief in the product, the company, NETWORK MARKETING, and THEMSELVES, the best marketing systems in the world will only produce long terms results for 3% of your team.  I love marketing, and marketing methods and lead generation is very important.  However, if you don’t learn how to develop  mindsets of the 27%ers your success will be very limited. 
Dale drives this point home in this weeks network marketing training on the No Fluff Network Marketing Podcast.

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