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NO FLUFF Session 127: Understanding Your Whirlpool - Dale Calvert

June 13, 2019

This is one of the most important Personal Development Concepts I will probably ever be able to share. I have shared it with many future leaders one-on-one over the years. I have also shared this training on multiple live webinars for our clients and customers and private organizations.

At this point in our career, we enjoying working with many future leaders, and leaders one-on-one and I needed to get this training online so it is easily accessible, so this podcast was the obvious answer. Don’t skip over this session. In fact, I will say if you are a serious team builder this is a training I think you should learn well enough so you can teach it to others. It will be that important as you develop your team. Enjoy, and as always your thoughts, comments, and feedback are appreciated.

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(Book) From a Chicken to an Eagle: What Happens When You Change
Book by Jerry Fankhauser

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