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NO FLUFF Session 1: Network Marketing is a SCAM

October 7, 2015

There is a good chance you have heard about this legendary audio, but maybe have never actually heard it. In 1999 Dale Calvert recorded what you are about to hear on an audio cassette that sold over a million copies and totally disrupted the network marketing industry. Network Marketers around the world were offended by the title, and Dale actually received death threats if he didn’t remove it from the market (which he didn’t). Now is your chance to hear this legendary recording for yourself, and simply ask yourself, was he communicating what the network marketing needed to hear, or telling them what they wanted to hear? We have made this episode 1 of the No Fluff Network Marketing podcast in hopes that today’s leaders will understand that if YOU don’t return the industry to it’s roots of personal development with a comp plan attached the continued dissipation of the industry is inevitable.

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